In The Field of Aural Assembly



In The Field of Aural Assembly is an augmented aur(e)ality walk, featuring the sonic works of three sound collectives working in sonic activism and political listening. The project emphasizes sound as a pivotal medium to approach social and political assembly in/from the public space. These sound pieces have created disruptive forms of collaboration through field recordings, editing, and collective listening, opening dialogues among localities, social temporalities, and individual voices. Through oral history and audio archives, these three pieces challenge the use of social media and aural technology as a form of resistance. The collectives considered of this aur(e)ality walk are Escuchatorio and Public Voices!

The AR walk employs walking and digital cartography to create a dialogue among these perspectives, activating the public space through tactical media practices. The three audio works will be disseminated in three locations using a mobile app that will trigger their soundtracks while walking. The exact areas and soundscapes will be discussed with the collectives, meaning their political relevance and public space relation. These aural walks will be disseminated simultaneously in Berlin, Mexico City, and Córdoba, Argentina. Therefore, listeners in these locations will be able to hear these pieces while walking and using the cellphone. At the same time, users can also upload sounds in response to these sonic works.

The potential platform that the project will use is radio aporee : miniatures for mobiles.

This is a work in progress and will be presented at The Politics of the Machine Conference Berlin 2021