En memoria



This project started as a documentary based on three phases of production: (1) document testimonials and shoot footage, (2) creating a script and structure for the short documentary, and (3) analyzing the possibility of staging a video production allowing the reenactment of the interviews. This documentary focuses on the social and economic conflict involved in gentrification. The principal issues are the racial and cultural conflicts between the old neighbors and new residents, taking into account both the primacy of class struggle and the strategic use of art markets to increase land value. The main structure is based on the oral history of different perspectives (artist, tenants, new and old residents). The video edit allow alternative solutions to the narrative structure through visual juxtapositions.


  • -MFA Time arts events: 012 performance Space, SAIC
  • -MFA Time arts events: Links Hall


  • -012 performance space. Solo Exhibitions. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • -The Paul Mayersky show. The plains project Gallery
  • -Pilsen to Pilsen Film Festival, Polvo Gallery
  • Chicago, Illinois 2007