Landscape studies


The video series Landscape Studies highlights the mechanisms of substitution corporeal absence and taking only snippets of interviews with migrant workers from the Banff Center for the Arts, photo sequences showing a window’s vista, from where they work and have a symbolic link with their own homeland’s landscape. The window thus becomes the canvas on which to draw the memory reconstruction on a space framed by their everyday life. Light and time are the main elements of the stop motion animation, were the concepts of “memory” and “house” are reflected in three different languages. The brush strokes follow the rhythm of light and audio, drawing a metaphor for the meaning of recalling. The participant’s nationalities were from:  Mexico, Peru, Korea, China and Vietnam.


Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques

Marsella, Francia, 2010

Video Festival Miden

Kalamata, Grecia, 2010