Land and escape or how the memory became home

This site-specific video installation is based on the experiences of five immigrants living in the community of Askeaton, a town located in Limerick, Ireland. Their experiences were recorded as an interview and subsequently transcribed into a screenplay format. The script was interpreted by Michael D. Ryan, the official chronicler of Askeaton. The video was displayed as a two-channel installation in the town theater stage and lobby.  Channel one showed a video with an alpha color related to the symbolic meaning of Ryan’s voice-over, while channel two screened Askeaton landscapes where individuals work and live. The stories allude to the process of cultural adaptation in their own community, while the Irish voice-over´s accent brings us to the reflection about identity and language. This project was conducted during an artist residency Welcome to the Neighborhood 2011.

Read the review:
Arts Residency Welcome to the Neighborhood 2011
Paper Visual Art Journal

Presented at:
-Town Theater of Askeaton, Limerick, Irlanda, 2011

-Cobalt art studio, Chicago, Illinois, 2011

-Silver Cloud Gallery, London, UK, 2012

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