Poemas Tonales de Edificios: Mexico




A site-specific project focused on the architectural and immigration historical background of four buildings in Mexico City. The project was presented as ephemeral sound and video interventions, taking into consideration the spaces’ historical layers. The installations departed from the aesthetics and principles of Cinematic Architecture, where buildings are analyzed starting from their physical and historical transformations through their design, construction, processing, and the evolution of their identity, by the collective memory of the spaces’ inhabitants. These building interventions were presented at The Historical Synagogue Justo Sierra, the Moorish Kiosk, the Three Cultures Square, and Chinatown, in Mexico City.

Buildings selected for this project containing multiple cultural influences in its evolution. The cinematic compositions, intended to create a critical distance, as from observation and collection of that shape their collective memory.

Amanda Gutierrez, was the director and mise en-scene of the project in collaboration with the collective URBE.
Here you can see the gallery of the four location and site specific events.

This project was supported by the grant:
Programa de Apoyo a la Producción e Investigación en Arte
y Medios 2014 del Centro Multimedia del
Centro Nacional de las Artes.