Tracking memory, animation series


Through mapping, this project exposes audiovisual essays, which comprehend metaphors of geographic representations, in relation of the journey and the idea of homeland. The animations constructed through cut out maps and sound archives, composed  by testimonials of emigrants living in several industrial cities. The project was based on cities with long history on migration and labor.

Through the use of anecdotes and stories, narrated in their mother language, participants describe characteristics of their homeland (home, neighborhood, state) through the transition to this country, and their current place of residence. The narrator highlights reflections around border and territory into a global context. The graphic materials oscillate between aerial photographs (such as satellite images) and maps, denoting a more an abstract idea of space. With this visual elements, will be reconstructed new maps describing field connections, relationships, extensions, ideas and references of the journey. These variables and observations create a graphic metaphor of the remembered.
Cities in the project: Mexico City and Taiwan
Fellowships and art residencies:

  • Programa de Apoyo a la Producción e Investigación en Arte y Medios 2008. Centro Multimedia en México/CONACULTA.
  • 2009 Artist-in-Residency Program in Taipei Artist Village (TAV) of AIR Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Produced at the Art Residency Program FONCA-2009 Banff Centre of the Arts

Ready Media. Hacia una arqueologia de los medios. Laboratorio Arte Alameda