Storytelling AR Soundwalks



The exploration of Augmented Reality and soundwalks is explored through auto-ethnographic narratives vis-a-vis the poems by Borderland/La Frontera, a book by feminist writer Gloria Anzaldua. Her term, “deslenguadas” takes pride in speaking Spanglish as a hybrid cultural being existing in the Borderland which is a metaphorical space of living in the bridge of two cultures, implicit in language and gender, which always carry class and ethnic/race significance. For her as Chicana, her work exists and oscillates in a constant border-crossing that is implicit in her reading of intersectionality and interdisciplinarity from poetry to non-fictional stories, as well as autobiography that she names as ‘autohistorias’. This walk is geolocated in Governors Island in New York City and was presented on the frame of the concert: “Whispering Archipelago”, organized by Flux Factory.

Link to the walk:

Also explored by the AR soundwalk Laabe Guzá Stubi, which means in Zapotec, She Walks Alone, is a participatory soundwalk that embraces nighttime listening as an exercise of intimacy and collective thinking. This second walk is geo located in the city of Montreal.

In both soundwalks, the artist leads the collective walk amplifying the poems and soundscapes with Bloothtoot speakers. The performative narratives connect personal experiences with her aural immigrant memories while being a woman of colour in the Global North.






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