Time topographies


The video series is constituted by three video triptychs, approaching the link between landscape and homeland memory that functions as a referential axis between three locations: Mexico City, Quebec, and Liverpool. The narrative explores three approaches to memory: forgetfulness, repetition, and evolution. The discourse of the narrator is cemented in their homeland memory and its evolution through their migration experience. The video landscape simultaneously played serves as a counterpoint to the montage of the narration. The series was presented as a video performance and as a multichannel installation in several venues.

The project has been shown in the following spaces and has been produced with the support of the following art commissions

1)Time topographies: Mexico City

Produced with the grant: “Apoyo a proyectos y Coinversiones FONCA/CONACULTA 2010”

Presented at:

Khiasma Espace: Paris

The Windor Gallery, Madrid, Spain .

2)Time topographies: Liverpool

Produced with the grant: “EMAN/EMARE (European Media Art Residency Exchange 2012) ”

Presented at:

Liverpool Biennal 2012

FACT (Foundation or Art and creative Technology): Liverpool

Move Forward Festival: Halle, Alemania

3)Time topographies: Quebec

Produced by the art commission of Action Art Actuel Gallery

Presented at:

Action Art Actuel