URBE collective met for the first time in the city of Chicago in 2011. Under the collaboration of Yair Lopez and Amanda Gutierrez this interdisciplinary project started, speaking about the realm of industrial cities. The group seeks to establish an audible dialogue, inviting visual and sound artists whose main concern is from the historical search of city aesthetics, nourished by field recordings and video shots, given at specific locations. City begins its first tour on September 2012, with a repertoire of four concerts. The first of Chicago, in the program of Latin Electronic Music Festival FMEL Chicago. The second concert in Sensory Lab at Guadalajara, shown in the third CMMAS in Morelia, Michoacan, and the fourth in the University Museum of Poplar. In 2013 the collective Urbe filed a second tour with three presentations Europe: Berlin, Paris and London.

In 2015 URBE was the recipient of the arts and media grant, PIPAM from the Multimedia Center in Mexico City. Under this fellowship the project: Poemas Tonales para Edificios was created, under the artistic direction of Amanda Gutierrez.