Xeno Walk, an aural essay on feminism


Xeno Walk is an Augmented Reality audio walk of the voices and sound works by female artists who embrace the collage as a tool of aural exploration. The sound walk features the artworks of #VIVAS, a Latin America-based collective producing sound works from field recordings of social demonstrations and Viv Corringham’s Shadow Walks created from embodied experiences in the public space. The walk’s sound design will take the form of a collage mixing their soundtracks and the artists interviews. The interviews reflect upon multi-generational experiences on feminism in the electronic music field and public art interventions, departing from Corringham’s memories working with Pauline Oliveros to #Viva’s aural transfeminist practices in Argentina, incorporating public art interventions by Montreal Collage Féministes and Féminicides Montréal.  

The audio will be activated through the listener’s walk, using the cellphone geolocation to trigger the sounds in the selected routes. In this walk, the listener will hear the interviews in three different languages, Spanish, English and French.

Xeno Walk is presented by Undefine Radio program, Calling Planet Earth! and Pop Montreal 2021 Art Festival.

For more information about the AR app you can download the walk in this link: